Crematory Processes and Procedures

Private cremations:

We use a segregated hearth furnace. One animal will be cremated in a private furnace chamber at a time. The ashes will be packaged as requested and returned to the owner.

General cremation:

The ashes are NOT returned to the owner nor can we make exceptions to give back a small amount of cremains. Multiple animals are cremated together and the ashes spread onto private land at an undisclosed location.

We have 4 cremation furnaces and can handle animals up to 2400lbs.

We carry cremation jewelry, wood & metal urns, at reasonable prices . The ashes of very large animals may be packaged in custom urns if you desire.

We do not cremate synthetic materials. Please keep this in mind if you bring a pet bed, blanket or large toy, they cannot be cremated with the pet.

Atim Creek Pet Crematory