Crematory Processes and Procedures

Private cremations:

We use a segregated hearth furnace. One animal will be cremated in a private furnace chamber at a time. The ashes will be packaged as requested and returned to the owner. The private cremation package for pets up to 9Olbs includes a free rosewood urn and engraved name plate. For larger animals above 9Olbs the cremains will be placed into a sealed plastic bag and wrapped in a velvet pouch. This is referred to as a “scatter package”. We have many other urns available in stock for pets up to 265lbs but they do come at an extra charge. Your price depends on your choice of urn.  

General cremation:

The ashes are NOT returned to the owner nor can we make exceptions to give back a small amount of cremains. Multiple animals are cremated together and the ashes spread onto private land at an undisclosed location.

We do not cremate synthetic materials. Please keep this in mind if you bring a pet bed, blanket or large toy, they cannot be cremated with the pet.

Atim Creek Pet Crematory